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White Label the Tapps Platform

Build a business on the Tapps platform making mobile-first websites and progressive web apps (PWAs). Design and host digital business cards, event apps, digital brochures, dynamic QR codes, etc.

Your customers; Your branding

Tapps now offers white label branding with the following capabilities:

  • Build new apps using your domain(s)

  • Offer your branding on the platform dashboard and emails

  • Let your customers log in for metrics and selected updates

  • Manage the edit capabilities of your users.

Customize both design and functionality

The opportunity is to design apps that go beyond other solutions.

Consider a digital business card. Paper cards convey contact information, and their digital replacements typically digitize this contact information. Tapps lets you customize the design and build a digital card with additional functionality to achieve a user’s business goals.

For example, add one or more custom lead forms if lead generation is a priority. If getting reviews is a prime objective, make it a seamless experience by having buttons directly to the review option at Google or Yelp. If referrals drive the user’s business, add a simple referral button or a referral form. If a card needs to double as a sales brochure, add product images, manuals, videos, or whatever information the prospect needs. Or add all of the above.

You can even create a secure card where a prospect needs a password to see the protected content.

The point is that the platform positions one to create hundreds of dollars in added value.

Make templates

Once you have determined the optimal design and functionality for a targeted business, agency, or industry, use templates to make new apps.

Any app on the platform can be a template that you can copy to speed up the deployment of new apps. You can even selectively copy parts of different template apps. Create an app by copying one app’s branding, another app’s product carousel, and a contact menu from a third app

Build apps at scale

The most significant opportunity is to use the platform-tools (API and Sheets integration) to create apps at scale for teams or an entire company. Make hundreds or thousands of personalized digital business cards at the push of a button.

Design a template for the layout, branding, and shared content, and then manage individual employee information from a Google Sheet.

Another scale opportunity is connected packaging. Any number of unique product QR codes can share one template where form-fills, support requests, and engagement relate to specific products.

Bring it in house

White labeling works just as well for a company that wants to add a domain to the platform and directly manage its digital brochures, event apps, active QR codes, and business cards.

The Tapps difference

Tapps is different from any other progressive web app builder or PWA platform. It allows content to be shared across any number of apps and targeted to specific audiences. New white-label capabilities open up a world of opportunity for agencies, designers, and industry specialists that want to deliver solutions by leveraging their skills and knowledge.

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