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Finally, a Digital Business card that works offline.

Everyone applauds digital business cards for their convenience and reach. Still, their flaw is that they don’t work without the internet – in other words, at conferences and networking events where the internet gets congested, and when you most need your card.

Tapps has solved the offline problem.

Now when you share your card, it will sense when there is no internet and automatically save the transaction. Your card will even remember multiple interactions. Enter each prospect’s information when you engage, and your card will queue these contacts for sending when online again, after a review and edit if needed.

There are also two other new options. One is that you can choose to save any share transaction for later, when the timing is better or when you can put thought into your message. Another is that you can send lead information and notes to your CRM without a corresponding prospect message. It’s an always-with-you tool to add contacts to your CRM.

All these capabilities use our recently released Lead Action, which records your leads as you share your card and lets you know each time a prospect views your card. In combination, these tools change a digital card from a better way to share contact information to a sales enablement workhorse.

Meet a prospect on a plane? No problem. Go ahead and share your card, and forget about keeping paper cards as a backup.

Sign in and add a sales assistant to your app

P.S. Note that forms work offline now. Form-fills will be sent automatically on the next visit to the app or digital card after a connection is established.

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