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Tapps Digital Business Card Solutions

Digital business cards are convenient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective ways to share contact information, but they can do much more. Being digital expands the capabilities of business cards exponentially, and the Tapps platform is at the forefront of this revolution. 

In this post, we'll break down the various capabilities of cards created with the Tapps platform, from basic to advanced, so you can see why buyers choose digital business cards powered by Tapps.

Core functionalities

Let's start with the "must-have" features for a digital business card. These core functionalities include:

  • A profile image to increase recognition

  • Custom branding to elevate your professional image

  • One-touch actions to call, email, text, and map to minimize engagement friction

  • Social links to facilitate connections

  • A “save-to-contacts” action so a recipient can save your card and contact info to their contact library

  • A Bio to convey your experience and personality

  • Sharing options in every digital channel, including SMS, email, link, QR code, messaging, and social media to reach recipients wherever they engage

  • Installability to a home screen icon for “always-with-you convenience”

  • Engagement metrics for a feedback loop

  • Social metadata to preview your card when it is shared

Features to customize the experience

The capabilities that make a card more useful and memorable set the Tapps platform apart from the competition. These features showcase products, provide company information, present testimonials, educate prospects, incorporate blogs, render support, collect feedback, and promote events. Such features include:

  • Carousels, subpages, files, menus, links, FAQs, and galleries to organize and present your information

  • A custom form builder for reviews, testimonials, applications, and questions

  • Video embeds for promotional or personal videos

  • A Calendar embed for booking appointments and a Calendar action for adding events to a calendar

  • In-app messages to highlight content

  • Scheduled and contextual content to improve content relevance

  • Secure content for employee-only or protected content

  • A/B testing to fine-tune the experience

The A/B testing feature is about testing the content options of a card to find the most effective design, layout, and messaging. It allows users to optimize their cards to drive maximum engagement and conversions.

Sales enablement capabilities

The Tapps platform also supports valuable sales features that boost connections and leads. These include:

  • Sharing when offline so you don't miss opportunities

  • Lead capture to a database, with a copy to the cardholder

  • CRM integration

  • Geolocation to add context to leads

  • Individual prospect engagement metrics to measure success

  • A push notification channel to develop an engaged clientele

  • Real-time open and referral alerts to timely leverage every opportunity

When you share your Tapps card without internet access, such as at a conference where the wifi is overloaded, transactions will automatically be stored for sending when you are online again. 

Enterprise level features

Finally, the Tapps platform has features that allow cards to be managed at scale or made for others as a business. These include:

  • Templates for the instant creation of customized digital cards

  • Card creation and management via a Google Sheet

  • White-label dashboard branding for building a digital card business

  • Multi-user, multi-role administration

  • Custom domains to increase engagement by using a trusted company domain

  • Account partitions for cardholder logins

The platform is optimized for managing cards for a company. Build the perfect card and use it as a template to make digital cards for the entire company by syncing with a Google sheet that includes each employee’s profile information. Add, delete, and update employee cards as needed. Update the template to make updates for the entire company.

In conclusion, Tapps is the premier digital business card solution for companies that want to improve their online presence, drive leads and sales, and build a more engaged clientele.

Try out Tapps today if you're ready to take your digital business card game to the next level.

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