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Manage customized Digital Business Cards (DBCs) from a Google Sheet

Digital business cards can do a lot more than share contact information. Once you engage a prospect online, you have a world of options.

Use these engagements to generate leads, share product information, display promotions, incentivize referrals, collect reviews, or to pursue other key objectives. In the process, collect data to know your customers better.

The cookie-cutter digital business cards that share little more information than their paper cousins are missing the opportunity to use digital engagement to advance broader business goals.

The challenge when you customize digital cards to your business is that it becomes harder to administer those cards for a large staff. Tapps has solved this issue.

Introducing Tapps' new Google Sheets integration

Tapps now allows you to integrate any app on the platform with a Google sheet and then to use the sheet to create and manage new apps made from that template.

The advantage of this approach is that it separates the ongoing task of managing employee updates from the creative tasks of branding and advancing business goals.

From a Google Sheet, one can add settings to:

  • Create, publish, or delete an employee digital business card (i.e., progressive web app)

  • Add or update the employee's personal and contact information

  • Choose to subscribe an employee card to specific content or Action Groups

From a template app, one can:

  • Set the branding and basic layout for all of the cloned digital business cards

  • Create the content and action options available to the cloned cards

  • Actively manage the content and actions for subscribing cards

Make every engagement count

When a customer engages through a digital card, it is a high-intent interaction. Make each card an active resource for engaging your customers and prospects..

Leverage these online connections to pursue your strategic business goals.

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