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Why Your Product Needs a QR Code

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Engage Customers and Boost Sales with Effective, low-cost connected product packaging touchpoints

If you sell or manage a physical product sold online, then you want to increase sales, customer satisfaction, reviews, and referrals.

All of these activities start with digital engagement. However, clicks are expensive when they originate from social ads, influencers, email campaigns, SEO management, or paid search.

Fortunately, there is a low-cost digital touchpoint within reach. It’s also low-friction, beneficial to your customer, and is available at the point-of-need.

When you add a QR code to your product, packing slip, or your packaging, you turn it into a touchpoint for engaging in a range of activities that are good for your business.

A QR code is a link that users scan with their mobile device. QR codes have been around for a while, and if you weren’t using them before, chances are you scanned one for touchless restaurant menus or payments during the pandemic. QR codes are now, more than ever, an everyday point of engagement.

Be there in the moment of need

It’s when a customer has your product in hand that they want to reorder or to buy an accessory. It’s when they are using it they want to review it or provide feedback. It's also when they are most likely to make a referral. Make all of these activities easy for your customer by adding a scannable QR code to your product.

But don’t stop there. You can also make that touchpoint multi-function to offer the highest utility for the consumer. Your QR code can link to multiple options, including links to buy, save, share, review, or get help for your product by including the manual, a how-to-video, answers to FAQs, etc.

By offering a QR code as the go-to touchpoint for your customers when they want to engage, you will achieve:

  • more sales by making the reorder process easy

  • higher customer satisfaction by providing sought-after product information and support

  • more reviews and referrals by conveniently placing them at the point of inspiration.

QR Code Metrics and personalization

Another added bonus: you will get to know your customers better. A byproduct of all this direct consumer engagement is first-person data that is not sold to you or filtered by Google or Facebook. You can find out directly from your customers what they like and want. Collect email signups, do surveys, test promotions, and get data about which content they’re engaging with.

For an even better customer experience and next-level analytics, you can even make the QR codes unique for each item rather than for each SKU. This will generate even more first-party data and position you for personalized interactions.

Connect your packaging with a QR code from Tapps®

How do you generate a QR code and make it link to the right content? Create an app with Tapps®. Each app comes with a free unique QR code that you can print on your product packaging, receipts or delivery slips. With Tapps, you can put all of the content you want to provide to your customer in one place. Resources like links to customer support, reviews and referrals, product manuals, and how-to videos can all be added to your Tapps app. Scan to see what a product QR code can do.

A Tapps Pro account starts at just $5 per month. Sign up today and start engaging with customers directly from your product’s packaging.

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