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New Feature Release: Add Forms to Your App with Tapps®

You asked and we delivered. We’ve now added Forms to the library of Actions you can add to your app with Tapps®.

You now have the ability to:

  • Collect contact information

  • Encourage new email list signups

  • Capture leads from a lead magnet

You’ll get an email alert every time a form is filled out. Use the "Form Integrations" button to add additional destination email addresses or a webhook endpoint. Let us know if there are other integrations you would like.

Check out this Real Estate Agent’s app we created to see 7 sample forms that will work on autopilot to generate qualified sales leads.

It only takes a couple of minutes to add a form to your app. Sign up for a Pro account and try it now!

* Forms are available to Pro users only. Pro plans are just $5 per app per month. Start your free account at https://get.tapps.to and upgrade to Pro to unlock these features!

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