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10 Situations When You Should Use Tapps®

Tapps® is the best solution when your goal is to get an app-like user experience without the headache of building and managing a native app. Tapps is an easy to use alternative for busy teams and solopreneurs who want to improve their customer’s digital experience and increase engagement. Use Tapps in the following situations:

1. When you need a solution fast or don’t have the budget for a native app

Like websites, apps created with Tapps are quick to build, fast to launch, and easy to update.

Apps often fail because they age quickly and update costs are exorbitant. You can build and launch your app today and update it tomorrow with the ease of making a social media post with the Tapps DIY platform.

2. To reach audiences that don’t have your native app

Tapps can reach audiences that native apps can’t because they load from a sharable link, which is low friction compared to a visit to the app store. Tapps also work on Apple, Android, mobile, desktop, and tablet versus native apps, which are OS specific. For these reasons, many companies with successful native apps are also deploying Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) like Tapps.

Tapps can deliver your content to everyone in your target audience.

3. For events or short-duration experiences

Tapps are perfect for training events, conferences, weddings, sporting events, festivals, and other short-duration events. You can add schedules, menus, documentation, bios, and guides that also work in crowded spaces where internet connectivity is poor.

Event apps can be put together quickly, launched, and then deleted after an event.

4. For small business solutions

Tapps are perfect for small businesses on a budget. Apps built with Tapps are DIY, inexpensive, easily updated, and double as both websites and apps. You don’t even have to buy a domain. Use Tapps’ custom URL creator for the perfect identity.

5. For sales enablement

Tapps are the perfect solution for salespeople. These apps are mobile-first and share well through text, email, and social media. They can incorporate promotions, product literature or videos, affiliate product links, updates, and contact links while providing robust engagement metrics.

Enterprises can use Tapps to deploy personalized agent apps at scale, while centrally managing the content to keep it accurate and fresh.

6. As a website spin-off app

Often a company’s website has information that is buried so deeply in their website that a customer cannot easily navigate to what they need.

Tapps can help you consolidate relevant website information for easy sharing with prospects and convenient re-engagement.

7. For digital brochures and connected packaging

If the goal is to organize and convey information in a mobile-first format that shares well and tracks engagement metrics, then Tapps is a perfect fit.

Apps that combine contact links, photos, reviews, videos, support links, PDFs, user’s manuals, purchase links, and support notices are powerful and simple to implement with Tapps.

Use cases include product guides, real estate listings, vacation rental booking apps, and more.

8. For E-commerce applications

E-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail customers are often swayed to make a decision in-the-moment. With people’s aversion to installing new apps, most will not download a retailer app for casual use.

Scanning a QR code or tapping a link to engage in an immersive shopping experience instantly is a win-win for shoppers and retailers.

Voicing their support for E-commerce Progressive Web Apps, Adobe says, “this emergent technology is set to blow away the experiential demands of todays’ tech-savvy shopper.” Tapps provides this exact technology.

9. When it needs to work offline

For e-books that are available in airplane mode, trail guides that work without cell service, or real estate listings that are visible in the basement of a building, Tapps are a great choice, as your app will work even when there’s no signal.

An offline capability is also key to a super fast user experience, which results from having the content available on the user’s device.

10. For apps that are personalized and yet private

You can create multiple unique versions of your app with centrally managed content, such as digital versions of loyalty cards, prescription drug cards, and membership cards.

Because of the home screen app icon, the user can re-engage the app any time without relying on a cookie for recognition. A user always uses the same app, which can then be personalized based on interest, behavior, or expressed intent.

Deleting one’s history can be as easy as deleting and re-adding the app.

Sharing content is easier than ever with Tapps.

Creating a quick app with Tapps® is often the best solution to maximize user engagement without spending time or money building a new website or developing a native app. With the widespread industry support for Progressive Web App technology and growing number of deployments, it’s time to see if Tapps can help you reach and engage your users more effectively.

Sign up for a free account and get started on your first app today.

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