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A Sales Assistant for your Digital Business Card

Do you give out your business card and hope for a return call? Now, there's a business card that drives prospect engagement. 

Empower your sales team by adding a digital assistant for their cards:

  • Automatically capture lead information every time you share your card

  • Customize the information collected 

  • Share the card in any channel, including Email, SMS, QR code, or Social

  • Create a digital connection to prospects

  • Monitor when prospects view the card 

  • Integrate with your CRM

  • Share cards even when offline

Lead Action

Tapps' new "Lead action" is a powerful sales-enablement tool for digital business cards, digital brochures, white papers, and lead forms. 

It streamlines the sharing of these resources while capturing the lead information that drives your business. The salesperson receives a copy, with another going to an integrated CRM. Prospect interactions are uniquely identified and tracked.

The sharing process is seamless

The engagement process is smoothly efficient. Enter the lead information, choose how to share it, and tap [Share]. It's that simple. Everything else is automated. 

Easily customize the form for different lead or referral data

Decide what information to collect using a custom lead builder. It can be as simple as a name and email address or include fields such as buying readiness, lead source, address, campaign assignment, image uploads, etc.

Other vital information is collected automatically, including:

  • A unique lead identifier

  • The originating salesperson 

  • The engagement channel (e.g., SMS, social, QR, etc.)

  • The precise engagement geolocation 

There are multiple lead capture options 

The Tapps platform stores the leads. A copy is sent to the salesperson and a CRM.

A card can be shared in any online channel

You never know where a prospect opportunity will arise: at a networking event, from a call, on social media, over a zoom meeting, or from a direct referral. You have to be prepared to engage in any channel. 

This tool allows a resource to be shared directly via email, in a text message, with a QR code, on Slack, over social media, or through a link. The tool will automatically create a unique transaction URL in each case and format the message into the selected channel. Even the QR code is unique each time you share your card.

Cards are always sent from a trusted source

All messages originate directly from the salesperson's email client, phone, or social account. It does not send through third-party accounts that might raise a red flag with security-conscious prospects.

The feature also monitors engagement without using redirect links, cookies, or tracking pixels that can trigger Apple and Google security protections.

Finally, the platform allows companies to deploy cards under a custom domain to convey link safety.

Receive open alerts

Knowing if the prospect viewed a resource, or revisits it, is as critical as capturing the lead information. Tapps creates a unique link (i.e., URL) each time a resource is shared to enable ongoing tracking and real-time engagement alerts when a resource is viewed.

Easily set a referral button with alerts on sharing and on opens

Get immediate notification when a client makes a referral, including the names of the referred and the referring parties. And know when the referral looks at your card or other content.

Monitor engagement metrics

This feature tracks each time a shared resource is viewed and shows a timestamp for the most recent engagement.

Use a link generated by a lead action as a social bio in various social channels to have a comparative performance metric (without relying on Google).

Share any platform URL

This feature works for more than digital business cards. Also, share other sales resources such as a product brochure, event app, or white paper. 

Keep sharing when offline

One of the most significant drawbacks of digital business cards is that they do not work offline. That problem is solved.

With this tool, meet a prospect, enter their lead information, and if there is no internet, the app will save the data for sharing when there is service. 

Don't worry about missed opportunities the next time you meet several hot leads at a convention, but the wifi is overloaded. Your leads will be queued up for sending when you are back online.

Get more from your business card

If your business card only shares information, you are missing ⅔ of its sales function. And if it doesn't work offline, you miss significant opportunities. 

Add a sales assistant to your card to capture leads, monitor engagement, and ensure you can always share your card.

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