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Tapps and Privacy

Tapps takes a privacy-first approach with our progressive web apps (PWAs), which matters to those deploying apps or mobile websites.

When you create an app with our platform, we respect that it's your content, your app, and your customers. You don't want us stepping on your privacy policy by collecting personal information from your customers.

Adding tracking cookies would likely make your app non-compliant with some privacy regulations. Thus, our policy is not to collect personal information from user interactions with your apps and not rely upon others that do collect such information.

Here's an overview of our privacy practices:

  1. We do not collect complete IP addresses. When we receive an IP address, we immediately zero the last four digits because we do not want not to store complete addresses with our maintenance records.

  2. We do not add Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels to your apps (though we do allow you the option of doing so).

  3. We do not add any third-party tracking cookies to your apps.

  4. We do not add our tracking cookies to your app. We use local storage in your user's device to enhance the user experience. For example, we monitor that a user has dismissed a notification, but this information stays within the user's device.

  5. We do not use Captcha. Forms need protection from the bots that crawl the internet to prevent fake submissions. Most providers use "Captcha," but it is a Google product that collects private customer information. To avoid this privacy breach, we implemented a proprietary approach to bot protection that does not collect user information.

  6. We provide robust engagement metrics without relying upon Facebook and Google analytics or cookies. We use the service worker capability of progressive web apps to report views and taps of your apps. We also aggregate the device and OS information; however, we do not use this information to fingerprint the user. Finally, we determine unique visitors by creating a random, temporary local identifier that is counted but not stored.

Our job is to deliver great tools for building your progressive web app, host those apps, and help you monitor engagement metrics. It's not to create uncertainties around privacy regulations, so we put privacy first.

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