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Personal Apps are the new *new* Business Cards

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Since we all began carrying smartphones, there has been a push to make business cards digital. They promise convenience and a digitally expressive way to transfer your contact info and more.

Unfortunately digital business cards have been through a series of false starts. From inflexible QR code based vCards to inconvenient native apps, digital business cards have been held back by non-standard sharing techniques and not knowing where to keep them.

Progressive web apps (PWAs) to the rescue.

Finally, a technology embraced by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and others is delivering the solution. The new progressive web app (PWA) standard marries the best of app and website functionality to create the perfect platform for a digital business card.

A “personal PWA” allows you to have a unique, shareable URL that is your digital business card -- and your personal website -- and your personal app -- and it conveniently saves to your personal home screen icon for easy access.

A digital business card deployed as a PWA checks every box. It:

  • Works everywhere --android or iOS and mobile or desktop

  • Does not rely on a pesky native app for either the owner or recipient

  • Is smoothly shareable across any channel with familiar techniques

  • Offers one touch access to calling, texting or email

  • Works off-line

  • Ranks in search results (if desired)

  • Saves to the recipient’s contact’s or home screen

  • Capture’s engagement metrics

  • Enables re-engagement

  • And transforms into a brochure, website, app, cv, portfolio, or e-store as needed

If you sell, network, or promote, you will benefit from owning a personal app.

It’s a powerful tool for photographers, freelancers, direct sellers, realtors, insurance agents, painters, DJs, event planners, accountants, stylists, tutors, consultants, coaches, designers, nannies, videographers, landscapers, tradesmen, personal trainers, brand reps, property managers, brokers, therapists, actors, bloggers, musicians, podcasters, home cleaners, speakers, and many more occupations.

And it’s more than a business card when needed

What starts out as a simple way to share your contact info can evolve into much more.

You can add your bio, a video, some blogs, a window of your Twitter feed, some product tutorials, your product recommendation of the day, and a share button to incentivize your audience to share your app with friends, and your app becomes an engagement platform.

Left - standard Personal app with basic contact information. Right - dynamic app with embedded video, file download and more!

What’s more, the “progressive” in PWA conveys that it is a technology that is progressively being enhanced. New functionality is in the standards pipeline and you will be able to take an app that you own for life and progressively improve it.

Go ahead and claim your personal URL now with a free digital business card and then step up to define your personal brand whenever you want.

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