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Digital Business Cards: The Future of Networking

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

These days, business as usual isn’t business as usual. As times change before our eyes, we’ll make changes and we’ll adapt as we wait for the storm to pass. What won’t wait, however, is the need to branch out and connect with others, even in an era of social distancing.

Social distancing, in one form or another, is probably going to stick around for the long haul. We’ll likely see a decline in cash in favor of digital payments, wariness in using touch screens and door handles, and certainly some more work-from-home days.

Business networking, one of the more social means of professional interaction, is not immune. With more people working from home than ever before, we’re all looking for ways to stay connected when we’re not face-to-face.

How do we connect with the world in an age of staying apart? Digital business cards and brochures present the solution to a uniquely-2020 problem. With digital business cards, the need to touch is gone! Digital delivery means that you can connect without contact, levering the power of tech to bring us together, even while we spend time apart.

Digital Business Cards offer a number of benefits over traditional cards, including;

  • An unlimited supply, with no need to re-order.

  • Synchronizing with any device in real-time.

  • Being able to be edited at any time, even after delivery.

  • No-touch, no-contact, instantaneous sharing.

  • A metrics feedback loop to measure engagement and effectiveness.

Staying connected has never been easier! Digital cards offer the ability to transmit information with higher speed and efficiency than their paper counterparts. Importing and exporting contact information is as simple as tapping a button, and it’s much easier (and more professional) than diving through your wallet for a crumpled card.

Business cards in the traditional form are limited; after all, who could boil down their professional summary to fit on a piece of cardstock? With digital business cards and delivery, each creator has the opportunity to link directly to their creations, bridging the gap between a simple introduction and an in-depth review of a portfolio or body of work.

While you’re busy working and growing, your digital business cards can be updated to reflect your work in mere seconds. With the ability to redesign and change the stored information at a moment’s notice, everyone from executives to entry-level employees will be able to stay updated on the go. Going digital means being able to show the whole of yourself, your work, and your value to anyone whom you may meet.

Staying connected is vitally important, and with digital business cards, it’s never been easier! Check out an example here, and upgrade your networking tools at

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