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Create a custom URL instantly

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

And the user experience to go with it

Publishing to a URL is the best way to distribute content because links are the superpower of the web. You can email a URL, text it, link to it, share it in social channels, embed it in QR/NFC, airdrop it, and more.

But there are few options for creating an engaging URL. Traditionally, you either buy a domain from a dwindling pool or add an extension to an existing domain, which may promote another brand if you do not own the domain.

Tapps offers an alternative solution for creating a URL customized to your content by combining a descriptive, non-branded domain with a custom ID.

Consider these example URLs:

Or these URLs that position ID in front of the domain as a sub-domain are another option.

All these examples use domains available on the Tapps platform and they all let the user know what to expect. Combining a descriptive domain with a unique ID creates a URL that supports the content messaging and helps drive clicks.

Tapps domain options:

People are more likely to click a URL that fits what they are looking for than one that is non-descript. If you are looking for a travel guide to the Natchez Trace Parkway, are you more likely to click or

For enterprises that create apps or pages regularly, contact us about adding a domain to your account. Then create unique, branded URLs for digital business cards, digital brochures, training packages, and event apps as needed.

A complete solution

The Tapps platform also incorporates a robust toolset for building a mobile-first, progressive web app (PWA) to present your content. It’s an all-inclusive solution that combines the URL-builder with an app-builder, hosting, and metrics.

Thus, if you need to publish a training guide or an event app for tomorrow’s HR meeting, you can do it from a single dashboard. You do not have to worry about finding a new domain or setting up hosting.

Open an account and always be ready to publish your content with a user-friendly URL.

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