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Announcing Tapps’ Templates

The quickest and easiest way to build a customized digital card, social bio link, event app, product QR code, digital brochure, HR training guide, and more.

It starts with ideas

Here is a link to our initial selection of Templates that includes multiple different applications and looks. Browse through them. If you see one that fits your need, tap it and take it for a test drive before deciding to copy all or part of it to your app.

Be sure and look at more than the color scheme. Make sure the functionality fits your use case. Explore the menus, carousels, and subpages. Look at the forms for lead generation, testimonial requests, project change orders, and more.

Copy all of a template -- or only part of it

Our apps make use of modular, reusable components and our templates take full advantage of this flexibility. If a template is perfect for your need, then copy it in its entirety.

However, if you want the functionality of one app, but the “Style” (i.e., color scheme, font, design images, etc.) of a separate app, you can copy the Actions of the first app and then separately, the Style of the second app.

And if you just want part of a template, you have that option too. For example, if you find the perfect contact menu or lead form in a template, add it to your app and drag it to the correct position.

The bottom line is that you can create your app by using different parts of multiple templates.

Customize your app

Once you have copied everything you want from template apps, you can rearrange the Actions, substitute in your content, delete any Actions you do not want, add others you want, and tweak the app’s Style.

At the end, you have the perfect app, which can also be a template you can use to create other apps.

For example, create a template business card for your company and clone a version for other employees. Or, use our API to generate a custom QR code for every serial number of a product batch. Because common Actions are shared, global updates are easy.

Browse our new templates here and find the perfect start to your new app.

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