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7 Things Your Digital Business Card Needs for Effective Sales Networking

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Sales Networking in a Hybrid Setting

When you’re in sales, you know that you always have to be prepared to make a connection, whether it’s at the office, on a sales call, in a video chat, or at a social event. You need a business card or sales brochure that’s always handy and won’t get lost or forgotten (or stuffed into a pocket only to be tossed into the laundry).

How can you always be prepared to make a great impression with your product or service? Create your own digital business card or digital product brochure.

Digital cards and brochures are powerful sales tools, especially when you’re making connections both online and in person.

  • They can be sent directly to your sales prospect’s screen to aid your discussion,

  • They can be shared online or in person,

  • They immediately deliver on information requests, and

  • They leave the prospect with a lasting connection that isn’t easily lost.

There are many options for digital cards and landing pages in the market. Before you choose one, you should know the 7 “must have” features you’ll need for a seamless sharing experience with your sales prospects:

1. The card must save to a home screen icon. Everyone always has their mobile phone, and it is critical to have sales tools conveniently at hand.

2. The card must be web-based so that it works universally in any channel and on mobile, desktop or tablets. A progressive web app (PWAs) is the dominant technology used by Tapps that pairs web-based operation and app characteristics such as home screen installation.

3. It must be shared from a simple URL. Shareability is the superpower of the web and only URLs will work in every social, communications, and messaging channel. It’s also best if the URL is readable and describes its function as opposed to an obscure link such as a bitly link.

4. The link must support a companion image and message to look professional and make the desired impression. You can see how this real estate agent uses images in her digital card to organize her content and portray her branding.

5. Digital business cards must include a vCard or “save to contacts” button. This ties your card to your contact information in your prospect’s phone.

6. Digital tools must be smart enough to recognize the recipient’s device (such as desktop vs. mobile or iPhone vs. Android) so as to present the user experience most appropriate to the user. More than just being responsive, a card needs to conditionally display content such as QR codes.

7. FInally, digital tools need to be flexible enough to allow any mix of content and to allow simple updates.

You and your sales team should always be ready to share your card or product info. Digital sales tools are perfect for a market where most connections are online, move between mobile and desktop, and also happen in person.

Tapps: A Digital Sales Enablement Tool

Tapps offers a powerful platform for creating digital sales tools. Here’s how to create digital business cards for your team that will help you stand out and make better connections:

  1. Sign up for a Tapps Pro account. You can build your first digital business card or brochure app for just $5.

  2. Request a 15 minute consultation with the Tapps team. We’ll help you achieve your goals for your sales app and can even help you replicate it and scale it across your team.

  3. Share your digital business cards through a QR code, airdrop, a direct link, or straight from your phone’s home screen on your next sales call, and see how easy it is to get your content to your sales prospect!

Sign up for a Tapps Pro account today. Questions about how Tapps works? Reach out and a member of our team is glad to assist you.

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