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4 Easy Ways to Share Your Digital Business Card Online

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Sales leaders, does this sound familiar? You are listening in on your team members’ sales phone call or virtual meeting, and they say, “Sure, I’ll send you that information when we get off this call.”

That’s a problem, right? You know that when a sales call ends, the lead begins to cool off. How can you enable your team to deliver the right information in the moment, while the sales lead is engaged?

Share a digital business card or brochure directly to the recipient’s phone while they’re on the call.

A Powerful Sales Enablement Tool for Teams

Digital cards and brochures are powerful sales tools, especially when most connections are online as they are today.

  • They can be sent directly to your sales prospect’s screen to aid your discussion,

  • They can be shared online or in person,

  • They immediately deliver on information requests, and

  • They leave the prospect with a lasting connection that isn’t easily lost.

Let’s look at three common engagement scenarios. Digital business cards, brochures, event links, and any set of information bundled in a link can be used interchangeably in these scenarios. Most important in all of these scenarios is to share key information during the conversation where it can support the process.

1. You are on a phone call with a prospect, pitching a product or service.

Today, more likely than not, you are both on a mobile device. Tap the home screen icon of your digital brochure, then the “share” button, and text message it to your prospect (or share via email if the prospect is on a desktop).

Then you have a shared visual aid to support your pitch, supporting materials for ongoing review, and a connection to the next step in the customer journey.

Digital brochures can incorporate product descriptions, images, videos, testimonials, PDFs, forms, buy buttons, and anything else that support the sales process.

2. You are on a Zoom Call with a group

You have just made a presentation and want to share your card with the participants to establish a connection. Paste your card’s URL into the conference message channel, where all the participants can tap and view your digital card.

Digital cards can include your image, bio, contact info, social links, your presentation, as well as an appropriate mix of product or company information.

A smart digital business card built with Tapps® will even recognize that it is displayed on a desktop and present a QR code that is not otherwise visible the recipient may scan to transfer the card to their mobile device, where it may be saved to their contacts.

3. You are messaging via SMS or in a social channel

Messaging exchanges via text, Linkedin, or other social channels are now the norm. Here again, you tap your digital card icon, then the share button, and then the target social channel. Alternatively, you can just paste your card’s URL into the messaging channel or your social bio.

With this simple process, you can share your digital brochure with a prospect. Your smart digital business card built with Tapps will automatically display an image and message with the share. This presents a professional image and makes it easy for the recipient to later find the card in their feed.

An Easy Sales Enablement Solution

If you can send a text or post to social media, you can share your digital business card with Tapps. It really is that easy. You’ll always be ready to deliver engaging content to sales leads, whether you’re texting, commenting on social media, sending a DM, on a Zoom call, or talking on the phone. They’re just as easy to share if you’re in person, too.

Are you ready to make a powerful first impression and engage your sales leads with your brand’s content instantly? Create an account with Tapps and get started on your digital business card or brochure today. If you have questions about the best way to build and share your digital sales materials, reach out and a member of our team is glad to assist you with a complimentary app creation consultation.

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