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4 Easy Ways to Share Your Digital Business Card or Brochure In Person

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Share Your Digital Business Card on Your Next Sales Call

As the leader of a sales team, how much of your time is spent equipping your team with sales information to take out on sales calls? Creating product brochures, updating product information on the website, sending links to price lists or video demonstrations, ordering new business cards… you have a lot of information in a lot of different formats.

How do you enable your team to share all of this easily when they’re out on a sales call or in a meeting?

Keep all of this information in a digital business card or brochure that’s ready to share straight from each team member’s phone.

When you have a digital card or brochure, you can add all of the relevant information your sales prospects will need in one place: on your sales team’s phone screens. They can instantly access the information like video demos, photos, and product guides, and share that information immediately with the sales prospect.

Your sales team can immediately deliver on information requests which can aid in the discussion about your product or service. And once the salesperson leaves the meeting, the prospect still has that information easily accessible on their phone or computer.

Once you create a digital brochure or business card with Tapps, your sales team can save the card or brochure to their home screens like an app.

So what’s the best way to share it in your next meeting? You have a few options:

You can tap the “share” button in your app and choose between:

  • airdropping,

  • texting, or

  • emailing your card to the prospect.

You can tap the card’s home screen icon and then the “QR” button, which will display a QR code that the prospect can scan to get your card.

Digital business cards make accessing and sharing your contact information and sales content easy. You’ll never feel unprepared the next time a sales opportunity arises!

Enable Your Sales Team with Tapps

If you’re ready to level up your sales game, create an account with Tapps and get started on your digital business card or brochure today. If you have questions about the best way to build and share your digital sales materials, reach out and a member of our team is glad to assist you with a complimentary app creation consultation.

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