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NFC tags: Are they the safest way to carry your digital business card?

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Personal app vs. NFC tag

After a year of having workplace norms rewritten by the pandemic, people have grown accustomed to connecting digitally. Not only is it more convenient, but it also conveys information in a format that’s more useful. As a result, many are discovering the utility of digital business cards over print.

But where do you keep your digital card so that it is always convenient to share, yet also secure?

Cards made as stickers that you tap (NFC tags) are popular right now. They conveniently attach to your phone or a plastic card, but they also may not work in many situations.

A better solution is to save your digital business card as an app that you can securely keep on the home screen and share anywhere.

Let’s compare the two options.

NFC tags - the tap back-of-phone option

NFC tags are postage stamp size stickers that launch a URL (i.e. webpage) when tapped by a smartphone. They often stick to your phone or phone case.

You can build your digital card at your associated URL, and then a prospect taps your NFC tag with their phone to launch your card. It’s a simple and easy way to share your information.

NFC tags are great for person-to-person sharing, but you will be limited when it comes to sharing with your online network. If all you have is an NFC tag, then you cannot text, email, or share your card on social media.

Another issue is that since NFC tags are hardware devices, you will need more than one if you have multiple devices, and you will likely need to replace it when you upgrade your phone or change your phone case.

There is also an added security issue. An NFC tag is not protected by your phone’s security. Anyone that sees an NFC tag on your phone can tap it and get your personal information.

Finally, there is a “what do I do with it now” issue for the recipient of your NFC tag card. Since the web link was not received through an email, text message, or through a social channel, the recipient cannot easily refer back to it. They have to immediately save it to their contacts, or it's gone, like the website you visited last week and cannot find in your history.

Tapps - the tap home screen option

A better option is to save your digital business card as an app that you can securely keep on the home screen and share anywhere. A personal app can install it on your home screen just like an app, and all you have to do is tap on the icon to access it any time. Because it’s completely digital, you can add it to multiple devices and it is easily transferable from phone to phone.

How do you share your digital business card with Tapps? Tap the icon on your home screen and then tap the share button. If you’re in person, you have the option of airdropping it or displaying the card’s QR code to someone nearby. If you’re remote, you can email, text, message, or share it on any social channel. It also works great to share in the message channel of a Zoom call.

Since it is on your home screen, you control who gets your personal information. The person you send it to can easily reference back to it with the link you shared with them, or they can even save it to their own home screen.

Unlimited Sharing with a Fully Digital Contact Card

An NFC tag is a half-step transition from physical to digital. It presents your contact information digitally but requires a physical item to present it. By making both the contact information and the packaging digital with Tapps, you get a more powerful option with increased security that never gets damaged or lost.

If you’re looking to share your contact information quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing security, Tapps is an easy-to-use platform you can get started on today!

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