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Why Go Digital

When you share a digital business card, you create a new touchpoint to connect with prospects. When you enhance it with links, attachments, and video, you increase engagement. When you can measure it, you can improve it.

About Us

Tapps is a technology company with a cloud-based, no-code platform for building progressive web apps (PWAs) quickly, changing them frequently, and replicating them at scale. Personal PWAs are the new business cards.

What is a PWA

A PWA is a hybrid website / mobile app that follows a new universal standard. As such, PWA-based digital business cards are supported by all major platforms, including Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Why Tapps?


Users expect connected processes that allow them to seamlessly contact you, browse your products, visit your company, or schedule an appointment. Our digital business cards deliver this connectivity.  They launch with natural-language, linkable URLs and with functionality that you choose to maximize engagement.


PWAs make perfect digital business cards because they are as easy to share across the room as across the web. They share beautifully over social channels, in chat windows, via text message, in email, or across video conferences, and do so in a package easily saved to one’s home screen or contacts.


Use the Tapps platform to manage digital business cards at scale. Add new content and update them as a group. Manage thousands that have personalized contact information but share common content, while also tracking individual engagement metrics. Use our API to update cards in real time.


"SMBs will get the best of both worlds in one progressive

web app."



More PWA Use Cases

Corporate Recruiting

Support a cause while delivering convenient links to job seekers.

Realtor App

Connect with prospects through a shareable link that offers useful resources.

Instagram Bio

Increase engagement by making your bio link dynamic, relevant, and content-rich.


Personal App Builder


Use OneApp to build a Digital Business Card in under 5 minutes.


Tel: 615-861-1628

Nashville, TN

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