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Introducing OneApp

A Free Personal Business Card
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What's a Personal App and 
Why Do I Need one?

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Personal Apps are mobile-first applications to share your contact info, links, and more.


They create a digital business card based on progressive web app (PWA) standards embraced by Apple, Google and Microsoft to make sharing and saving smooth and simple.

6 Easy Steps!
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Who's it for? Everyone!

Digital Business Cards help you Sell, Network and Promote
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Speakers  | Accountants  | Photographers  | Consultants | Realtors  | Direct Sellers 

Freelancers  | Property Managers  | Tradesmen | Stylists  | Videographers | Coaches  | DJs

Insurance Agents  | Painters | Brand Reps  | Nannys | Event Planners  | Tutors

Consultants  | Designers |  Landscapers | Personal Trainers  | Brokers | Therapists | Actors

Bloggers  | Home Cleaners |  Musicians | Podcasters |  + many more occupations

How Do I Build a PWA?

Create a good looking app in moments. Fill in the form, add in images, and done!  Want to take it to the next level? Try Tapps pro to add videos, files, schedule content, send messages, track metrics, and more.

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Set your Style & Add Images
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Add your Personal Information
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Add your Social Links

Ready to Launch & Share!

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Apps can be immediately texted, emailed, linked, air-dropped, 

posted socially, or embedded in print media via QR code. 

No app store required.

Create your FREE personal progressive web app today!

Want More? Try Tapps Pro

Expand your digital business card into your personal brand

Thanks for submitting!

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