Nine Reasons Enterprises

Need Digital Business Cards

Effective Online Networking Tool 


Digital cards work where employees communicate today -- on Zoom, Webex, Teams, Linkedin, and dozens more online platforms. 


Perfect for
Social Distancing

Airdrop, SMS, or email a digital card across the room, or present its QR code for an arm’s length scan.

Extensible Functionality


There are few limits here. Digital cards play an expanded role in customer engagement by incorporating product guides, surveys, review requests, notifications, ecommerce portals, and appointment scheduling.

Instant Employee Set-up


Setup can be streamlined to a few minutes with the authorization of an employee email followed by the employee completing the setup by entering their unique information from a simplified dashboard.

Real-Time Updates


Updates will propagate immediately to all deployed digital cards. Contacts to departed employees can be redirected to alternate cards.


Role-Based Management 

Employees can update their own information such as telephone numbers, while regional, divisional, and corporate level content can be updated centrally, via dashboard or API.


Feedback Metrics

Monitor employee engagement and content effectiveness. Track page views and CTRs.


Impactful Custom Templates 

Customize the card template and continually make a powerful impression by centrally managing the user experience to be engaging, useful, and topical. Promote new services, conferences, or social causes.


Valuable Digital Touchpoints

Just as paper cards can be left on a desk, digital cards are  linkable URLs that can be embedded in proposals, email signatures, video backgrounds, and print brochures (via QR)  to increase engagement.

Try a Basic Digital Card

Equip the Whole Team

Administratively create business cards for the whole team, or let them make their own with a card builder that limits their branding and content choices.


Offer advanced functionality including in-app messaging, embedded videos, product subpage, carousels, and more.

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