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Close more sales with customized content tailored for each lead.

Increase customer acquisition by providing the right information at the right time through the power of progressive web apps.

Your new favorite sales enablement tool.

Accessibility, speed, and quality content set any salesperson apart from their competition.


Tapps® empowers you to create and share customized content with your leads so you can close more sales.


With fast-loading content, Tapps allows you to share the right information at the right time. 

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  • Unlimited links and contact actions

  • Ability to read and print PDFs

  • Image carousels to showcase your products

  • Fast load times

  • Works offline

  • Saves to the home screen as an app

  • Facebook and Google Analytics

  • Trackable metrics

  • Clone and create unique versions for products or sales reps

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Say Goodbye To:

✖ Slow website load speeds

✖ Submitting requests for customized sales content

✖ Watching your competition win

Say Hello To:

✓ Low friction sales engagements

✓ Highly customizable content with no coding required

✓ Quick and easy content sharing

Use Case:
H.B. Fuller's
Digital Brochures & Business Cards

H.B. Fuller was looking for a better app solution for a product guide. They wanted the ability to move quickly, make updates easily and support multiple attached PDFs that are available offline.

After discovering Tapps®, they have rolled out numerous product brochures and guides for their global salesforce, including apps in different languages. 

They have also deployed digital business cards for their global salesforce that are used in email signatures and as home screen icons. Now salespeople are always a tap away from sharing their contact information - in person or online - allowing them to network more easily and close deals faster.

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What will you create with Tapps?

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